How can I order the cans?

Before you can place your order, make sure you have an approved sample to use as the basis for your cans order. Also make sure to check your beverage's corrosivity in order to be eligible for a warranty..

πŸ’‘ You're welcome to add as many different artworks across as many beverages as you'd like to your cart and order them all at once.

Once you're all set with those two things, simply follow these easy steps to place your order:

  1. Login into your account and click "Place an Order" button1a. Click Place an Order ButtonYou have also the option to add multiple samples to your cart from each beverage 1b. Click Add to Order
  2. Choose which of your approved samples you want to add to your car2. Choose Samples to add to cart
  3. Specify can type you want for each sample.3. Specify Can TypeIf you have a specific can type in mind that's different from our recommendation, you can still proceed with your order by agreeing to the Waiver & Indemnity Agreement's Terms & Conditions5. Agree to Waiver if needed
  4. Click β€œAdd to Cart” button5. Add to Cart
  5. Great job on adding all the samples you wished to your cart! Now, let's head over to your cart page and finalise the order.6. Go to cart
  6. To finalise your order, first let us know which country you want the cans to be delivered to7. Choose country of destination
  7. Tell us what pallet you want the cans to be loaded onto.8. Choose Pallet size
  8. Next, let us know the quantity of cans for each sample.10. Type in cans quantity
    Based on the size of the pallet, we may suggest rounding the quantity up or down to match the full layers of the pallet, so that there are no half-empty layers
  9. Once you have your quantities ready, click β€œNext”
  10. Let us know if you need any ends/lids for your order.Ends
    We’ll provide you with the information about the suitable end type for the cans in your cart, along with the matching quantity.
  11. Now, specify your billing address. You can either choose from an already provided address (e.g. during the sample or generic quote request) or add a new one.12. Specify Billing Address
  12. Provide us with your VAT number, which we need to provide you with an accurate quote, and click β€œNext”13. Provide VAT Number
  13. Choose your preferred delivery method: either delivery at your place or pick up14. Choose delivery method
  14. Let us know the maximum pallet height that we can load15. Specify Pallet Height
  15. You can also choose to allow us to stack multiple designs on the same pallet, if you wish16. Allow stacking designs on one pallet
  16. If you have any additional wishes regarding your order, feel free to specify them in the β€œAny special wishes” field17. Specify additional wishes
  17. Select your preferred delivery time19. Select delivery time
    We offer three delivery time options:

    Timeframe Fixed Date Fast Delivery
    Delivery Timeframe Fixed Date Fast Delivery

    Choose the timeframe of possible delivery dates if you’re more flexible with the arrival or pickup of your cans

    If you want the arrival of the cans to perfectly fit into your schedule, you can choose an exact day of delivery You can choose Fast Delivery option, if you want your cans to be delivered within 10 to 14 working days
    Free of additional costs +€20 +10% of the can price
  18. Choose the dates based on your preferred delivery time18. Specify wished delivery date
  19. If you’ve chosen delivery at place, provide us with the shipping address 20. Provide delivery address
  20. Hit β€œRequest a Quote” and you're done! Your order has been placed21. Request Quote

All that's left is for us to send you a final quote. Once you receive it, all you need to do is give us the green light by approving it and paying for the order. Then, we'll get to work on printing your cans.

You can easily track the status of your order on our platform, under the β€œOrders” page.