How do NOMOQ prices compare to the prices of a large can manufacturer?

First of all, we would like to state that this question is comparing apples and pears.

  • A large can manufacturer is typically having minimum order quantities of 250'000 pieces or more and often does not accept direct customer relation below annual purchasing volumes of 10 million pieces. At NOMOQ you can start with 1 can.

  • Flexographic printing in a can manufacturer production is typically limited to 8 colours and one varnish effect (glossy or matte). NOMOQ can print in 700 dpi, photorealistic, unlimited number of colours and metallic effects and can use selective varnish effects to make your can really stand out.

  • NOMOQ has lead times of 3-4 weeks, enabling you to be creative AND fast. Flexographic printing lead times are easy twice as long.

  • While NOMOQ has almost no design artwork set-up cost, the flexographic printing plates cost often more than EUR 1'500 per artwork.
  • With NOMOQ you get exactly the number of cans you ordered, not more or less as it may be the case with a can manufacturer.

Now, that being said, NOMOQ is more expensive than a classical can manufacturer. But this is only true, in case you meet the MOQs (minimum order quantities) of them. There is a tilting point in terms of volumes depending on the price structure the can manufacturer is offering you (setup costs, small quantity surcharge, storage fee, recycling fee, price per can). Typically this is at around 70'000 pieces. For this and lower number NOMOQ will most likely be more cost effective. When you do the calculation please do also consider the risk of potential scrapping cost of unused cans with expired best before date 12months after production. Many flexographic printed cans do not see a fast enough turnaround and therefore have to be destroyed. NOMOQ's digital printing service with just-in-time delivery can avoid such ecological and economical waste.