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How to prepare my files for a Sample Request?

To prepare a file for a sample request, use our template.

You can download it directly on our page, whenever you need it.

Next, follow the instructions highlighted in a template.

  • Open the template with Adobe Illustrator
  • Remember to use CMYK color model instead of RGB
  • Create your design on the Artwork Layer (with no overlap)
  • If you are planning to add some special effects such as metallic or selective gloss, consider using an additional layer, such as the basecoat or spot layer
  • Ensure that you do not place important design elements in the "Reduced Quality Area"
  • Outline fonts
  • Embed all images and links
  • Save your artwork as PDF without crop marks and bleeds (and only one artwork per file)
  • Keep “Preserve Illustration Editing Capabilities” checked while saving your file

Now, request yourself a sample by uploading your artwork on our Platform. We’ll do the rest!