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Can I return packaging material?

Guideline for returnable packaging material

Yes, you can return packaging material. For now, it is only possible on our German site in Kirchheimbolanden. The general guidelines are:
  • Type of material: Returnable packaging material includes only

    • Plastic Pallets

    • Metal Top Frames

    • Plastic or cardboard interlayers

  • Only undamaged material: Material can only be returned if it is undamaged. In particular, cardboard interlayers must not be dirty, wet or torn.

  • Only NOMOQ’s own material: Only plastic pallets and metal top frames with the NOMOQ label can be returned.

    Material that does not belong to NOMOQ but was returned to NOMOQ will only be sent back to the customer on customer's cost, or disposed of after 6 months at the customer's cost.

  • Deposit: In any case, for returnable packaging material, the deposit must be paid with the sales order invoice and will be reimbursed in full when the material is returned to NOMOQ. The deposit amounts are:

    • Plastic pallets: 95.00€ / £ 80.00

    • Metal top frames: 40.00€ / £ 35.00

    • Plastic or cardboard interlayers: 1.50€ / £ 1.30

  • Minimum yearly quantity: Only customers who order more than 250,000 cans per year can request reusable packaging material.

  • Pooling costs:

    • The pooling cost, e.g. handling fee, for returnable pallets and top frames is 5.00€ / £5.00 each, non-refundable. This only applies if NOMOQ is handling the return of the material.

    • There are no pooling costs for cardboard pads, but the cardboard pads will be taken back only together with pallets and top frames.

    • NOMOQ organizes the return of pallets, top frames, and interlayers upon customer request as soon as 50 pallet-top frame sets are accumulated at the customer.

    • The pooling costs will be offset against the refunded deposit no later than 30 days after pickup.

    • If the customer wishes to return the packing material for less than 50 pallet-top frame sets, this must be organized by the customer at their own cost. The handling fee will not be charged.

  • Deadline of 24 months: Packaging material can only be returned within 24 months after delivery.

  • Packaging: The pallets and top frames should be stacked in sets of pallet and top frames on top of each other up to 2.2m high (meaning pallet, top frame, pallet, top frame, and so on) and then strapped. The interlayer must be placed between a (NOMOQ) pallet and a (NOMOQ) top frame, up to 0.5m high, and then strapped