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What are the sample delivery methods and how long do they take?

We're happy to offer two options for sample delivery: Photo & Video Delivery (7 days) and Physical Sample Delivery (10 days).

  • Photo & Video Sample Delivery (7 days)
    • During the sample request on our platform, please specify whether you want your sample delivered in photo and video format.
    • Processing of your artwork and printing the sample may take up to 7 days. As soon as the sample is ready, we'll send you a confirmation email with photos and video of your sample attached. Once you receive it, you'll be able to approve it immediately
    • Just a quick note to let you know that sometimes a photo or video may not completely capture the physical condition of the can. That's why we suggest selecting this option only after you've received at least one physical sample and have seen what it can look like.
  • Physical Sample Delivery (takes 10 days)
    • If you'd like us to send you a physical sample, simply let us know during the sample request and provide the address where you'd like it to be delivered.
    • Again, we'll need 7 days to process and print your sample, just like we do for photo and video delivery. After that, we'll need an extra 3 days to deliver it to your address. So all in all, expect it to take around 10 days to get your hands on that sweet sample of yours!