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What is direct-on-can digital printing and how does it work?

Direct-on-can digital printing is a process where plain cans are painted in millions of colours and turned into works of art

Are you curious about how digital printing works for direct on can printing? Well, it's like a home printer on steroids! Imagine a printer, like the one you have been using for printing your Zalando return labels, but instead of fitting behind your desk, it takes up a whole warehouse room.

Add to it a Depalletiser and a number of Palletisers and you have a good overview of our set up.

Basically, here's what happens: the depal takes out the plain cans from the pallets and pushes them down the conveyor all the way to the printer. At this point, our cans move through the 5 colour stations (white, black, yellow, magenta, and cyan) that will paint on millions of colours and finally to the varnish station, where the true magic happens making that can a pure piece of art.

Once the printer's job is over, the palletisers will pack the cans on the respective pallets: German, Benelux, UK or Scandinavian pallet type.

Do you have any other questions or want to see this process live? Head over to our Instagram profile or YouTube channel and you will see some live magic in action.