How can I reorder cans?

Ready to reorder your favourite cans? It's as easy as your first order.

To reorder your cans, simply follow the same steps as you did the first time you ordered your cans with us:

1. Once you're logged in to your account, click the “Shop” button.

1. Shop

2. Now, select the product you'd like to reorder - in this case Digitally Printed Cans.

2. Digitally Printed Cans 3. Now, select the artwork you would like to proceed with

3. Artwork

4. On the product details page, specify the inner coating of your cans

4. Inner Coating

5. Select the pallet size

5. Pallet Size

6. As well as desired quantity of the cans

6. Cans Quantity

7. Once your cans' details are specified you can proceed with adding them to your cart

7. Add to Cart

8. You can add multiple artworks to your cart, following the same process. Once you're happy with the items added, you can proceed to check out by clicking the "Go to Cart" button

8. Go to Cart

9. On the cart overview, you will see all of the items added to your order, just to make sure everything is correct. After checking your selection, you can start adding your delivery details by clicking the "Next" button. 

9. Cart Items

10. In the delivery details section, start with providing us the desired delivery method

10. Delivery Method

11. Now, you can specify address of delivery, by either selecting the address saved in your profile or creating a new one

11. Delivery Address

12. Then, specify the delivery time

12. Delivery Time

13. Based on delivery time you selected, you can provide us with expected delivery date of your cans

13. Delivery Date

14. Now, tell us what's the maximum pallet height we can load

14. Pallet Height

15. Once all of your delivery details are provided, you can continue with the billing details by clicking the "Next" button

15. Next to Billing

16. Now you can specify the billing address. This time as well, you have the possibility to use the existing address or to create a new one.

16. Billing Address17. After providing the billing address, click on "Next" to move on to the additional wishes

17. Next To Additional Details

18. In this section you can give us any comments or additional instructions on your order. 

18. Additional WishesPlease note: Indicating the delivery time in the "Additional wishes" section does not establish a legally binding agreement. The actual delivery date will be confirmed in the final quote.

19. Now it;s time to accept NOMOQ's Terms & Conditions

19. Terms and Conditions

20. Finally, click on "Request a Quote." to submit your order request. 

20. Request a Quote

And voila! Once again, we will send you the final quote via email for your review and approval. This step is important to ensure that you have the opportunity to carefully consider the details and make any necessary adjustments before giving us the go-ahead to start printing your cans.